Find4Home is the short form of Find a Home
Find4Home is created as a platform for all property owners to easily sell, buy or rent out their properties. Traditionally property listing sites are either dedicated to property agents or are so messy and hard to use that, it actually takes more time to learn about the system than actually using it to advertise the property. At Find4Home, we intend to build a site that is functional, beautiful and yet user-friendly. Before we came about to Find4Home, we are always spending a lot of time to find a proper system to rent out our house or to buy a house. Trust us, the experience was dreadful.
The people behind Find4Home are just a bunch of freelance programmers who believe there should be a place where anybody or everybody should be able to freely advertise their properties. We do not collect or impose any fees to be able to use the Find4Home service.
Find4Home is only a platform to allow sellers to advertise their properties. Sellers and buyers interact with each other directly, either via our chat function or via the contact information in the listings. Find4Home does not interface in any way between the two parties.
The experience is totally different.
We understand that a lot of users love to sell on Facebook groups. Well, Facebook is a place for everybody to meet new people. Thus, there are limited functionalities to cater for selling. The common problems faced by potential buyers in Facebook groups are: in selling post are moving so fast in larger groups that it is hard to keep track of the listings, the search functions are very generic and very limited and it is extremely hard to look for something we want easily. We also cannot search by location and set search distance.
There are so many of them.
When we built Find4Home, we put ourselves in the shoes of properties buyers and sellers. We asked ourselves what are the features that we want to see if we were to buy or sell in a property listing site. The result are, we tried to put in as many good features as we can, inclusive but not limited to the below:
  • free membership and free postings (yay!!!!!)
  • simplicity of usage and clean interface
  • search by google map and having a radius of search
  • search by keywords
  • filtering by property criteria
  • sorting function
  • upload photos
  • sharing property listings does not need full details
  • real time chat with seller
  • block users you don't want to chat with
  • comments on listings
  • feedbacks on sellers
  • save listings to watchlist
  • report listings/sellers
  • share listings to social media
  • sellers can check total page views
  • register accounts with email
  • easy sign in with facebook or google
  • loan calculator
  • precise location shown on property detail page
  • login by user account and reset password
  • edit profiles/change password
  • view other member's profile
  • edit/delete listings
  • bump listings
We welcome all feedbacks/ideas.
There are few ways to contact us:
  • Contact Us link at the bottom of every page
  • Facebook chat function
  • Email to admin@find4home.com
  • Via our facebook Find4Home

Find4Home is free for use. But you need to create an account to list your property.
Basically users can browse and check out listings in Find4Home for free. However, we do require you to have an account with us to list your properties. The reason behind this is that we need it to enable the chat function between buyer and seller. Without an account, it is impossible for system to send any buyer chats to you.
Find4Home will ensure your login credentials are safe.
All user information are stored on our secured server, equiped with the latest security technology. Password information are encrypted before being stored on server. Users who login with Facebook or Google do not have any password information with us. The logins are handled by Facebook and Google and they only pass to us a random login ID which we use to create your account. In summary, we take your data privacy and security seriously and everything are secured.
Passwords are required to have at least 8 characters, with 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number.